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Atypical PMDD?

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Atypical PMDD? Empty Atypical PMDD?

Post  Linsomnie on Fri Jul 19, 2013 4:48 am

So I was just talking with someone at the PMDD group on fb.. and I was telling her about how my PMDD is unpredictable.. I thought it would be a good idea to let people know that PMDD DOES NOT ALWAYS COME BEFORE YOUR PERIOD AND END WHEN YOU START BLEEDING. Smile

My PMDD is totally unpredictable. I'm not lucky (ha! if that is even a word you can use with PMDD!) like some of the other girls who have a general idea of when it'll hit and when they'll get relief.

Sometimes I wonder if what I'm feeling is the PMDD coming on.. and I freak out wondering if it'll hit me really hard in the next day or 2. Sometimes it's just normal emotions so I get a false alarm kinda thing. lol. I feel like a ticking time bomb!

I've been doing ovulation tests for the past 2 months to see if LH surges have anything to do with my PMDD episodes (it was to prove that PMDD isn't tied to ovulation, but I ended up being a little wrong). Well, it turns out that I get several LH spikes throughout my cycle.. including during menstruation. Which makes no sense because we are only supposed to get ONE LH surge a month!

I thought mine wasn't tied to ovulation because I kept having PMDD episodes while on birth control pills, which is supposed to stop ovulation. I might have PCOS, I don't know... still working on that. I don't have insulin problems or things like that, but I did gain a bunch of weight suddenly and have hair growing in weird places (and absent in others) and the acne, blah blah etc. etc.

I think it's funny that PCOS doesn't need polycystic ovaries in order to get a diagnosis. Another misnomer.. and I have a feeling PMDD will have a name change too as it is not always premenstrual.

So anyway, this is why it took so long for me to figure out it was PMDD. I usually have my worst episodes DURING my period. I used to HATE my periods simply because of this.


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